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As of 2016, it is one of the busiest light rail transit systems in North America, with over 112,000 daily weekday riders, and has been growing steadily in recent years.ETS started operation of the original LRT line in 1978, expanded by 2010 into the Capital Line, running between Clareview in Edmonton's northeast and Century Park in Edmonton's south end.Extensions of the LRT system has resulted in significant increases in ridership; ridership increased nearly 78% in the first full year of the South Campus and Century Park extensions (2011 versus 2008), and increased 15% in the first full year of the NAIT extension (2016 versus 2014). The Capital Line, runs from northeast Edmonton to south Edmonton via Downtown.A second line, the Metro Line, connecting Downtown with northwest Edmonton, began limited operations in September 2015.The first phase of the newer Metro Line started service between the University of Alberta campus and hospital in Edmonton's southcentral and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology northwest of downtown Edmonton in 2015, with further expansion to north Edmonton and neighbouring city of St. The first phase of the 27 kilometres (17 mi) Valley Line, from downtown Edmonton to Mill Woods in southeast Edmonton, began construction in spring 2016, with future plans to extend into west Edmonton.It also became the first city in Western Canada to operate a rapid transit system."We will enhance our community and it's people through the positive personal development skills from our training.

In November 1980, Edmonton Transit (as it was then named) switched to a modified European-style "proof of payment" system, retaining the old turnstiles to issue the new receipts.There are further projects to create a new 27-kilometre line that will extend to Mill Woods Town Centre in the southeast part of the city and to Lewis Farms in the west end of the city.

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